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Walker the Twenty Pounder

Hi there, my name is Walker, at least that's my name now, though sometimes my dad calls me "Twenty Pounder". I can't speak people, so I can't tell my new mom and dad what my birth name was. I wandered into their front yard on April 14, 2000. They had company and were out in the front yard saying goodbye, when I came up looking for some attention. I was real sweet so that they would pet me and say how cute I was. 

My new mom walks for exercise, and she knows most of the doggies in the neighborhood, except the ones that live behind doors. She didn't recognize me as belonging around these parts, but she took me door to door trying to find my owners. No one knew who I was, so mom took me back to her house and gave me some food.

I tried to escape several times by digging out under the gate. I was trying to find my way back home, but I was only kidding myself. Mom took me for long walks and let me go where I wanted too thinking that I might just remember where I came from, but that didn't work. I finally gave up because no one was looking for me and mom and dad said that I could live with them. I heard my new dad say to mom, that he thinks someone dropped me off at the end of the street and I made my way to their house. I wish I could tell him because I know they really want to know who my other owners were. I think mom said she wanted to get in their face, whatever that means.

They took me to see the vet and discovered that I had a bad skin condition. My hair was matted real bad and someone took scissors and tried to chop my mats out. The doctor said he thought I was about 3 years old, but he was wrong. After a few weeks went by my skin problem cleared up and being feed the proper diet my teeth showed real improvement. I gained 8 pounds and grew up to be a big boy. Now the doctors, and my dad, think I was only about 6 to 8 months old.

When I moved in here I inherited a step sister named Muffie and a step brother named Beau. Muffie was very old and not feeling well so she never wanted to play with me. After I had been here a year Muffie decided to go to Rainbow Bridge and wait for mom and dad, along with Kelly Anne, and Prissy.

Beau has been a good friend and though he is also old he will play with me sometimes. But Beau has play rules, which are, we play his way or it's the highway.

Now I have a new little sister who is a Yorkie. Her name is GracieLee and I have taken it upon myself to be her protector. We have a great time playing, but she wears me out and sometimes I have to escape outside through the doggie door to get some rest.

I'm having a great life here and that term "You're a Lucky Dog" fits me perfectly. The only thing I hate is having my picture taken. I hate the camera and every time I see it I run. My parents can't figure it out and of course I can't speak people so I can't tell them. Shucks!!!

If you want to see more pictures of me go to Photos.


Note from mom and dad: Walker is another case of a good dog being thrown away as if it didn't have feelings. We don't think that Walker was physically abused, but he was neglected. He wasn't being feed properly, nor enough, which caused a serious skin condition and his coat was one big mat. He was also very skinny so we know he wasn't being fed enough. It is likely that he was dropped off at the end of our street as we have known this to happen before. Someone else's stupidity was our good fortune. Walker is one of the sweetest, most gentle, loving dogs that we have ever had. We think that Walker is part Yorkie and part Schnauzer.

Update: On May 9, 2005 our dear, gentle, loving Walker went to be with the Angels. His illness came on so suddenly and unexpectedly and he was gone within a week. He was diagnosed with IMMUNE MEDIATED HEMOLYTIC ANEMIA
or “IMHA”

We had never even heard of this condition, and even if we had we would have still not have been prepared for what this disease can do to humans as well as our beloved pets. I came home from work, it was a Monday, and as usual gave Walker his bellyrub. As soon as he rolled over I noticed bruising all over his belly. I knew this was not normal, so I rushed him to the vet immediately. As soon as our vet saw him he told me he thought that Walker was bleeding out. I was in shock, what could have caused this. My vet said they really haven't found a definite reason why this happens. Blood work was done to confirm the diagnosis, and on Wednesday, Walker being very week, was given a blood transfusion. My vet consulted with a specialist and followed his recommendations. Walker seemed to make a turnaround and we brought him home on Thursday night, and he bounced back, but crashed again on Sunday. He was given another blood transfusion, but I could tell in my babies eyes that he was leaving us. On Monday afternoon, almost a week to the day and hour, that I first rushed him to the doctor, he went to Rainbow Bridge. We miss him so much...his life was just too short. We were only blessed to have him in our lives for 5 short years.


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