Doggie Links Galore    

Mommy has tried to find special sites for fun, help and things to buy for us little furbabies.



Dog resources


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American Kennel Club


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KC's 4 Yorkies & For Your Dogs Too!





Ojibwa Yorkies - Yorkshire Terriers

Bows, Bows & More Bows



Mocha's World

Skooter's Yorkie Doghouse


Trachea Information


Yorkie Medical Information

 Liver shunt

Madison - Spoiled Rotten Yorkie



Yorkie Friends
This site lists AKC suspension index.


The Merck Veterinary Manual


Check the Pet Center for information on Valley Fever and other Diseases in Disguise



Dinky Dog Shoppe 

Specializes in harness vests and dresses


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