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GracieLee "Miss Dynamo"

Hi, my name is GracieLee. I am a female AKC registered Yorkie.  My mom and dad adopted me from Woodsong Yorkie's in Justin, Texas. I was born January 6, 2002.  This is my pedigree. I live in Grand Prairie, Texas, USA with my people mommy JC and my people daddy Mike. They named me GracieLee after my daddy's mom--She said she was flattered to have me named after her.  

My mom and dad picked me up when I was almost 13 weeks old. I took to my new home right away, and mom says that I am the best little girl.

I have two big step brothers, Walker and Beau.  Walker and I get along great and he has taken charge of keeping an eye on me and making sure that I have a good time.  

I'm not sure about Beau, he's a grumpy old cuss and doesn't want to make friends. Mom and dad says he's just old and jealous, and he will warm up to me later.    

I have already decided that all the chew bones are mine, all the toys are mine, all the treats are mine, all the slippers and socks are mine. In other words, I Rule this house!!!

Check back with me often and watch me grow up.


This is me with my new friend Frankie B. Frankie B. is 9 weeks old and I am 14 weeks old.

I think Frankie B. is trying to bite my tail. I haven't got much so he better be careful because I need something to wag.

This is my big brother Michael holding me and Frankie B. Frankie B. is trying to kiss me, but I am playing hard to get.

Here I am at 5 months

Mommy put a barrette in my hair...I hate it!

Whatcha mean I gotta go here.

Mommy took me to the groomer. Don't I look pretty!!

Mommy says I'm a cutie patootie.

This is me and my mommy - June 2002
Mom is playing with Paint Shop Pro and she framed us.

This is my daddy and me. I think he loves me. June 2002


September 6th, 2002

I am 8 months old today.

September 6, 2002

Mommy and Daddy had me spayed last week. I am not a happy puppy.

I am 9 months old. I'm getting to be a big girl. I weight 6#

I am sitting here pretty as a picture - October 2002

Look at me in my new vest. Don't I look cute. If you want your mommy or daddy to get you a vest then visit Dinky Dawg Shoppe I think my mommy is gonna get me some pj's too. Auntie Rita really is a wiz with the old sewing machine.

All right you poochers and poochettes, listen up, if you want one of these custom made sweaters like I am wearing you need to have your mom and dad contact my Auntie Vicki of Vicki Designs. She makes all kind of wonderful, beautiful sweaters for us furkids. She also makes them for humans too.

Merry Christmas 2002
This is my new little brother Joey. He's gotta a webpage too, so don't forget to visit him.

For more photos of me go here

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