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It was a dark and stormy day, December 31, 1987. I was cold, wet, and hungry. I can smell food coming from that big store so I tried to get inside, but people kept pushing me away when they opened the door. I couldn't find anyone to help me. I'm so cold and hungry and I can't stop shaking. I tried several times to rush inside when the door opened, but I always failed.

Suddenly, I'm picked up and hugged real close and the next thing I know I'm sitting in someone's lap inside a car. She starts the car and off we go. I lay my head down in her lap, she's petting me and saying nice things to me. I stop shaking and look up at her and wonder where we are going.

She takes me to a warm place where and there are other doggies. There is a man there who asked what she is going to do with me. She says she is going to try and find my owners, but she thinks I might have run away from them. I have a cord around my neck which I chewed through trying to escape.

They give me food and water, but I don't feel well enough to eat. I get a warm bath and she brushes all my mats out. The other dogs are looking me over and don't look too happy to see me. Their names are Prissy and Muffie and they seem to own these people. Will I fit in?

Well, I'm still here. My Mommy and Daddy were not able to find my owners, but my Mommy says they didn't deserve me because I wasn't treated very well. She said something about me being abused and neglected. I've had a great life with my new Mommy and Daddy. I have a super backyard to play in with lots of birds, squirrels and butterflies and I can go out anytime I want to through our doggie door. I still get upset when it rains and there is a lot of thunder, but Mom and Dad tell me that it's okay, but I just can't forget. 

Muffie and Prissy became my best friends and we had many backyard adventures chasing squirrels and birds. Mommy and daddy took us for walks and played fetch with us.  My big brother Michael got married and had three kids. I just love babies, and when they were real little I always checked on them first thing when I came in from playing. I'm a very good baby sitter.

Prissy and Muffie have gone to Rainbow Bridge and we miss them very much, but I have a new buddy name Walker.  Mommy and Daddy brought home a new puppy  just recently; named GracieLee. It took me a couple of weeks to warm up to Walker, because for a long time it was just Muffie and me. I still miss her, but Walker has been here to keep me company. 

I'm not so sure about the new girl in town. She's has a lot more energy then I do and she is spending more time with Walker than I like. Mommy says I'm just a little jealous, but I will soon get over it. We'll see.

Please see the Photo's page for more pictures of good looking me!!

Note from my mom: I found Beau at the Taco Bell on Highway 183 in Irving, Texas. He was looking for shelter from the terrible storm that was going on outside. My boss had let me off half a day, since it was New Year's Eve, so I stopped on the way home to pick up some lunch. As I was standing in line I saw this little urchin trying desperately to be noticed and get some help. I decided it was going to be me to the rescue and I've never regretted it. I did try to find Beau's original owners by checking the local papers for several weeks and driving in the neighborhood directly behind the restaurant looking for lost doggie posters. I took Beau to our vet and had him checked out. The vet thought he was probably somewhere between 4 and 6 months, so we celebrate his birthday in September. Beau was just meant to be with us and we are lucky to have enjoyed his friendship and company all these years. Another successful rescue story. 

Update: We lost our darling Beau to prostate cancer March 5, 2003 at 1:55PM. He is now in Rainbow Heaven with our Prissy, Muffie, Smitty, and Kelly Anne. 

We miss Beau so much, but we know in our heart that we did the right thing by letting him go. Our hearts are broken, but we know he is at peace and without pain. We brought home his ashes and placed them next to his best friend, our sweetie pie Muffie, who we lost almost 2 years ago.


All of us were with him when he passed. My husband, myself, and our son. The vet let us bring GracieLee, Joey, and Walker into the surgery to say goodbye. I held him while they gave him gas before surgery so he didn't seem afraid. We didn't let him come too  after the exploratory surgery because we knew he would be in so much pain, and that is not what we wanted for his last moments on this earth. I whispered to him how much we loved him and had my hand on his tummy as he passed. I feel blessed and privileged to have had Beau in my life, he was a joy and a bright light and left us with wonderful memories.


The poem below was written by Stephen Glass, a friend whom I met on the Internet. I thank him for taking the time to write such beautiful words for our darling Beau. Please take the time to visit Stephen's website www.yorkies.com


For your lovely little BeauÖ..


How can I say I love you, when I donít know if you understand?

How can I caress your forehead, not knowing if you can feel my hand?

How can I ease the pain, which I know that you must bear?

How can I learn to remember, your long and silky hair?

How can I explain my feelings, when Iím feeling so depressed?

How can I be sure what they tell me, will bring you eternal rest?


I need the strength that only comes from knowing in my heart

That letting you go at this time will bring you a fresh new start


So off to heaven; I know youíll go, please save a place for me

For someday I hope to join you, to see you running free


To GOD in Heaven hear my plea and set aside a place

For my little Beau with innocent eyes and face



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